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Attics  With the 1993 "TV" Error



As more "TV" errors are identified, they will be added to the list.  If you have an Attic Treasure™ with the "TV" error and have not reported it, we would love to hear from you.  Please e-mail Kathy at the name, generation, and the quantity you have.  Your help is greatly appreciated.   

For a complete listing of all tush tags, please click here.

Name Generation Name Generation
Abby 4th Madison 2nd
Cassie 4th Oscar 4th
Checkers 4th Purrcy 4th
Cody 4th Rebecca 4th
Emily 3rd Sara 3rd
Grover 4th Tyler 2nd
Grover Gold 4th Wee Willie 2nd
Jeremy 4th Whiskers 1st