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Sixth Gen Tag Lines Never Releases


With the exception of Jack and MacKenzie, tag lines on the inside of Attic Treasures tags were not introduced until the seventh generation tags were released.  However, thirteen sixth generation Attic Treasures have tag lines shown on the Ty web site that were not printed on their hang tags.


Name Tag Line
Amethyst You're the Sweetest of Them All
Chelsea Bear Hugs Are The Best
Dickens You're Beary Special
Fraser Come Sail Away With Me
Grover You Make Things Bearable
Lilly Love Ewe
Montgomery Happy Trails To You
Morgan Monkey See, Monkey Do
Precious Early To Bed, Early To Rise
Shelby Some Bunny Loves You
Sidney Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice
Sire It's Good To Be King
Squeaky Say Cheese


Interesting Facts

Grover's tag line "You Make Things Bearable" was later recycled and used on Bearkhardt.

Bearington, while never produced in the 7th generation, had his hang tag show up on MacKenzie with a tag line that reads "Be My Bow!"

 Sixth generation Attics shown without tag lines are:  Abby, Bloom, Ebony,  King, Madison, Mason, and Oscar  Six generation Attics missing on Ty's web site:  Christopher, Gloria, Grace, and Prince.


Seventh Generation Tag Lines