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Attic Treasures Without Clothes or Ribbons


If you think you have an Attic Treasure without clothing and ribbon that is not listed, please contact Kathleen Embleton.




Name Generation
Basil        7th Justin 5th
Boris 5th King 5th
Brewster 2nd Kingston 7th
Brewster 3rd Madison* 2nd
Brewster 4th Max 7th
Brisbane 7th Murphy 2nd
Charles 5th Murphy 3rd
Checkers 2nd Murphy 4th
Checkers 3rd Nola* 1st
Checkers 4th Penelope 2nd
Checkers 5th Penelope 3rd
Checkers 6th Penelope 4th
Checkers 7th Prince 5th
Clyde 5th Prince 6th
Cody 2nd Priscilla 5th
Cody 3rd Radcliffe 7th
Cody 4th Ramsey 7th
Cody 5th Scooter 2nd
Cody 6th Scruffy 6th
Cody 7th Scruffy 7th
Colby 5th Spencer 5th
Dickens 4th Squeaky 1st
Dickens 5th Squeaky 5th
Dickens 6th Squeaky 6th
Domino 5th Tracey 5th
Georgia 7th Watson* 5th
Ivan 2nd    
Ivan 3rd    
Ivan 4th    
Ivan 5th    
Ivan 6th    
Ivan 7th    


*It is unclear if these attics were actually shipped without ribbons or clothing, or if perhaps they lost the ribbon or clothing somewhere along the way.
Interesting fact:
Only 11 Attic Treasures have never been produced with a ribbon or some article of clothing.
Basil, Brisbane, Cody, Georgia, Ivan, Kingston, Max, Prince, Radcliffe, Ramsey, and Scruffy.