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Attics With Whiskers



Name Color Comments
Adelaide White  
Amethyst Clear  
April White  
Arlen White  
Azalea Clear  
Basil Brown  
Benjamin Clear  
Bloom Clear  
Blush White  
Camelia Clear  
Colby White  
Cromwell Gray  
Ebony #6063 Clear  
Ebony #6130 Clear  
Fairchild White  
Genevieve White  
Georgia Clear  
Gloria Clear  
Heather Clear  
Iris Clear  
Ivory Clear  
Ivy Clear  
Jeremy Clear  
Katrina Clear  
Kingston Brown  
Majesty Black  
Max Gray  
May White  
Minerva White  
Pouncer Clear  
Purrcy Clear  
Rose Clear  
Rosalyne White  
Sara #6007 Clear  
Sara #6120 Clear  
Shelby Clear  
Sidney Clear  
Sire Clear  
Squeaky Black 1st gen gray feet, ears, and tail
Squeaky Clear 1st gen gray feet, ears, and tail
Squeaky White 1st, 5th, 6th gen white feet, ears, and tail
Strawbunny Clear  
Washington White  
Whiskers Clear