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Attic Treasures by Eye Color

Note:  Only four Attic Treasures have had their eye colors changed during their life:  Jeremy, Sara, Pouncer, and Whiskers.

Eye Color Name Notes
Black Abby  
Black Alfalfa  
Black Allura  
Black Amore  
Black April  
Black Armstrong  
Black Azure  
Black Baron  
Black Barry  
Black Barrymore  
Black Beargundy  
Black Bearington  
Black Bearkhardt  
Black Beezee  
Black Benjamin  
Black Berkley  
Black Beverly  
Black Birch  
Black Blarney  
Black Bloom  
Black Bluebeary  
Black Blush  
Black Bonnie  
Black Boris  
Black Breezy  
Black Brewster  
Black Brisbane  
Black Buck  
Black Bugsy  
Black Burrows  
Black Caboose  
Black Calliope  
Black Camelia  
Black Carey  
Black Carlisle  
Black Carlton  
Black Carmella  
Black Carmichael  
Black Carson  
Black Carver  
Black Casanova  
Black Cassandra  
Black Cassia  
Black Cassie  
Black Cawley  
Black Charles  
Black Checkers  
Black Chelsea  
Black Cheri  
Black Chillings  
Black Christopher  
Black Clifford  
Black Clyde  
Black Cody  
Black Colby  
Black Cooper  
Black Copperfield  
Black Cromwell  
Black Darlene  
Black Demetria  
Black Dexter  
Black Dickens  
Black Digby  
Black Domino  
Black Easton  
Black Elizabeth  
Black Emily  
Black Emma  
Black Emmet  
Black Esmerelda  
Black Eva  
Black Eve  
Black Fairbanks  
Black Fields  
Black Flannigan  
Black Fleecia  
Black Flynn  
Black Franny  
Black Fraser  
Black Frederick  
Black Gem  
Black Georgette  
Black Georgia  
Black Gilbert Gold  
Black Gilbert White  
Black Gloria  
Black Gordon  
Black Grant  
Black Greyson  
Black Grover #6050
Black Grover   #6100
Black Grover Gold  
Black Gwyndolyn  
Black Hagatha  
Black Harper  
Black Hayes  
Black Heartley  
Black Heather  
Black Henry Brown  
Black Henry Gold  
Black Hogan  
Black Hutchins  
Black Iris  
Black Isabella  
Black Ivan  
Black Ivy  
Black Jack  
Black Jangle  
Black Jeremy except artist tush
Black Justin  
Black Kaiser  
Black Kingston  
Black Kyoto  
Black Lancaster  
Black Laurel  
Black Lawrence  
Black Lilly  
Black Logan  
Black Mackenzie  
Black Madison  
Black Malcolm #6026
Black Malcolm #6112
Black Marigold  
Black Mason  
Black Max  
Black May  
Black McKinley  
Black Mei Li  
Black Merwyn  
Black Minerva  
Black Mom  
Black Mommy  
Black Montgomery  
Black Morgan  
Black Mrs. Santabear  
Black Mulligan  
Black Murphy  
Black Nicholas  
Black Nola  
Black North  
Black Olivia  
Black Olympia  
Black Orion  
Black Oscar  
Black Peppermint  
Black Peter  
Black Piccadilly  
Black Pouncer same colored ears 
Black Precious  
Black Radcliffe  
Black Rafaella  
Black Ramsey  
Black Rebecca  
Black Reggie  
Black Revere  
Black Rhine  
Black Rosalie  
Black Rosalyne  
Black Rose  
Black Salty  
Black Samuel  
Black Santabear  
Black Sara #6007 except artist tush
Black Sara #6120
Black Scarlet  
Black Scooter  
Black Scotch  
Black Scruffy  
Black Shelby  
Black Sidney  
Black Skylar  
Black Sophia  
Black Spencer  
Black Spruce  
Black Squeaky  
Black Sterling  
Black Strawbunny  
Black Suki  
Black Surprise!  
Black Susannah  
Black Tiny Tim  
Black Tracey  
Black Tudor  
Black Tyler  
Black Tyra  
Black Tyrone  
Black Uncle Sam  
Black Vlad  
Black Washington  
Black Watson  
Black Wee Willie  
Black Whiskers same colored ears 
Black William  
Black Winona  
Black Woolie Brown  
Black Woolie Gold  
Blue & black Adelaide  
Blue & black Amethyst  
Blue & black Azalea  
Blue & black Fairchild  
Blue & black Genevieve  
Blue & black Grace  
Blue & black Ivory  
Blue & black Max  
Blue & black Penelope  
Blue & black Priscilla  
Blue & black Whiskers different colored ears
Brown & amber Socrates  
Brown & black Babette  
Brown & black Clay  
Brown & black Dad  
Brown & black Devlin  
Brown & black Fern  
Brown & black Jeremy artist tush
Brown & black Karena  
Brown & black Klause  
Brown & black Majesty  
Brown & black Martina  
Brown & black River  
Brown & black Sara artist tush
Brown & black Sire  
Brown & black Weatherby  
Brown & black Winifred  
Green & black Arlen  
Green & black Basil  
Green & black Ebony #6063
Green & black Ebony #6130
Green & black Katrina  
Green & black Pouncer different colored ears
Green & black Purrcy  
Green & black Waddlesworth  
Green & clear King #6049
Green & clear King #6140
Green & clear Prince