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Attics with Head Pieces


Name Head piece
Adelaide Pink rose hair bow
Babette Ivory colored hair ribbon
Bloom Teal head bow
Breezy Navy blue head bow
Carey Blue floral lace head bow
Cassandra Peach chiffon head bow
Cassia Lavender hair bow
Cassie Blue velveteen head bow
Demetria Blue hair bow
Emily Green floral head bow
Eva Pink headband
Eve Floral headdress
Franny Red head bow
Genevieve Pink rose hair bow
Grace Pink hair bow
Kaiser Burgundy hair ribbon
Mei Li Red rose hair bow
Mommy Purple plaid head bow
Nola Pink floral head bow
Olympia Pink hair bow
Priscilla Red and white checkered head bow
Rafaella Floral headdress
Rebecca Red and white checkered head bow
Rosalyne Rose hair bow
Sterling Gray chiffon head bow
Tyra Blue head bow